Retired Officers

The HOWARD COUNTY POLICE RETIRED OFFICERS ASSOCIATION, INC. began in 1996 when a small group of retired and veteran officers met for the first time. The Association was chartered on January 15, 1997, and incorporated on September 28, 2004.

The purpose of the Association is to promote and foster law enforcement in Howard County, to increase the effectiveness of the police profession, and to enhance the confidence of the public in the Department of Police for Howard County.

A primary objective of the Association is to maintain and promote the history and tradition of the Howard County Department of Police and the men and women that have served the Department.

The Association presently has a membership of one-hundred and fifty retired and veteran Howard County Department of Police officers and employees. Although the primary focus of the organization is retired police officers, the rules of the organization do include categories of membership for veteran officers that separated prior to retirement and civilians.

The Association meets quarterly, and sponsors a number of social and fund raising events throughout the year, the proceeds of which support projects that benefit retired and active Howard County Police officers and community groups and services.

In addition, the Association supports a number of worthy causes such as the Special Olympics, Howard County Seniors and Law Enforcement Together Council, and the Howard County Police Officers Memorial.

Officers 2011- 2012

  • President Bobbie Friesland
  • Vice-President Linda Freeman
  • Secretary Skip Beall
  • Treasurer Ken Fleischmann
  • Sergeant-at-Arms Mike Williams
  • Chaplain Joe Collins

Contact Information
Howard County Police Retired Officers Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 2302
Ellicott City, MD 21041-2302

PLEASE keep your address, phone and e-mail address current with the secretary: fjbeall@verizon.net


Meeting Minutes

Howard County Police Retired Officers Association
03 August 2012

Attendees – Friesland, Fleishcman, M. Williams +1, Langenfelder, G. Hammond, R. Schuler +1, Hafner, Joyce, Fitzgerald +1, Souder, Swing +1, M. Burke, F. Dawson +1, Roles +1, Ratliff +1, Besseck, T. Harding, R. Walsh +2, Belleville, Gable, Knutson, Mowers +1, Freund, K & J, Denton, R & M, Beall +1.

The meeting was preceded by an incredible presentation of delicious roasted pulled pork prepared and delivered by our own John Langenfelder! The pulled pork was supplemented by grilled chicken and hot dogs, salads, chips, soda, beer, water and a variety of sweets! Thank you John for all of your hard work in preparing that pulled pork! It was a great change to our annual picnic and just excellent! And many thanks to Bobbie for coordinating and arranging for a place and the beer and for shopping for everything else. And we cannot forget Kenny Fleischman and the tireless hours he spent standing over the hot coals grilling the chicken and hot dogs! Thanks to each and every one of you for a job well done!

Call for order:
The meeting was called to order by the Sergeant at Arms at 7:21 PM.

Opening of meeting:
An opening prayer was offered by F. Dawson

Proposal & election of new members:
No new member applications to consider

Installation of new members: N/A

Report of Offices/Officers:
Vice-President – No report
Treasurer – $6,944.00 in checking & $18,012.00 in savings
Secretary – 141 paid members by the end of the evening.

Reports of committees:

Golf Tournament: Approx. $500 will be donated to the Police Foundation. Of that $200 will be directed within the Foundation to the Police Pace. Changes will be made to the tournament next year. We are looking at different partners and our organization will directly benefit from the profits.

Old/unfinished business:

We’ve purchased a file cabinet and are now storing historical papers documents at HCPOA office in Ellicott City.

Changes to the Constitution and By-Laws – The changes/updates to the Constitution and By-laws were discussed. The changes/updates were approved by a unanimous vote of those present. Nine “YES” votes were received via email. One “NO” vote was received by email. The changes/updates to the Constitution and By-Laws stand as approved.

Annual dues – Increasing the annual dues to $25 for all membership types was discussed. From an accounting perspective it will be much simpler if all membership types have the same cost. Dues have not been raised in a long, long time and in order to sustain the organization, the increase is necessary. The increase in dues, to $25 for all membership types, was unanimously approved by all members present. Eleven “YES” votes were received by email. Effective 01 January 2013, the annual membership dues will be $25 for all membership types.Crab Feast – The date is 13 October 2012 at the Lodge in Catonsville, Maryland.- We expect to able to offer tickets at $42 per person after some heavy negotiations by Ms. Freisland. The menu will include – steamed crabs, crab soup, fried chicken, 3 side salads, desserts from Rita’s Ice Cream, beer, soda, DJ with crab races, raffles. The time is 6PM -1030PM.

iPad raffle tickets – The organization is raffling off an iPad. Tickets are $10 a piece and only 100 tickets will be sold. The winning ticket will be drawn as soon as all of the tickets are sold. Many were sold during the meeting and even more were taken for sale later on. If this raffle is as successful as we hope it will be, we may raffle off another iPad at the crab feast.

New Business:

Police Museum – As many of you may have already heard, the Police Department is planning to open a museum at the old post office on Main Street in Ellicott City. While the Police Department will share this building with the Office of Tourism, the museum will be solely dedicated to the police department and will be a place for employees and the public to learn about the rich history of our agency. Visitors will be able to explore police artifacts and videos for inspiration, learning and enjoyment. Museum construction is set to begin this fall. The Museum Committee consists of the following employees: Captain Dan Coon, Lt. Michele Denton, Retired Lt. Tim Black and Mr. Al Hafner. These members are hard at work meeting with Facilities and a design company to help mold the future museum space into a place that best reflects our department.In the upcoming weeks, the Museum Committee will host a meeting to discuss ideas for this exciting new project. Dan Besseck and Paul Steepe will serve as our representatives.

Crestlawn Memorial Gardens – Chris Murray has inquired as to whether it would be possible to set up a seminar discussing the importance of preplanning one’s funeral arrangements at one of our meetings. The presentation would be to inform the members of preplanning arrangements. Mr. Murray has no intentions of selling anything. The information could be used anywhere a member would choose to make arrangements. In spite of the topic, the presentation is kept respectfully, light and informative. There was no interest, by the members, in a seminar of this nature.

COPS Fishing and Golf Tournaments – Contact the Secretary who will send you the flyers.

Retired Firefighters Crab Feast – the 8th Annual Crab Feast sponsored by the Retired Howard County Firefighters Association will be held on Saturday, Sept. 15th, from 1 – 4p.m. at the Sykesville American Legion Post #223. It will be catered by Salerno’s. The price is $35 – Adults and $10 – Children under 12…Dave Hoff (410-795-7872) is chairing the project and you can get tickets by sending him a check at 6515 Church St., Sykesville, MD. 21784. DEADLINE IS SEPT. 1, 2012

Board member nominations – All five Board positions will have to be filled by the end of the year. We have nominations for 3 of the 5 positions. We still need nominations for a new President and a new Sergeant at Arms. Please consider running. Each term is for a period of 2 years beginning 01 January 2013.

Meeting location – An in-depth discussion was had pertaining to where our meetings should be held. There was a lot of support for continuing to hold meetings at Jilly’s however numerous concerns have been voiced with regards to being able to conduct our meeting and discuss our Organization’s business with some level of privacy. There is concern, as well, about noise levels at Jilly’s and the ability for all of the members to hear what is being discussed. Returning to the Police Training facility was discussed. Frank Dawson has offered to research locations as possible venues for our meetings.

Good of the Order

Bill McKeldin- Bill retired 27 July. Bill and Ginny have moved Georgia.

Bob Myers has also moved to Georgia. He is now the President of Toccoa Falls College

Larry Knutson sold his home and is now living in Montclair, Virginia.

Ken and Debbie Fleischmann’s son was married on 28 July in Virginia.

Greg Hammond’s father was presented with France’s highest honor for his sacrifices during D-Day.

Pete Wright’s father is back in rehab.

Former Judge Diane Schulte’s mother passed away on 9 July at the age of 97.

Jim Robey’s mother passed away on 20 July at the age of 87.

Nancy Yeager’s aunt passed away from injuries received in an automobile accident. Please keep Nancy, Diane and Jim in your thoughts and prayers.

Bill Seifert has moved to South Carolina.

Frank Dawson’s son has been appointed the Assistant Medical Director for the Baltimore Ravens.

I would like to personally thank Mary Burke for proof reading our amended Constitution and By-laws and offering her professional and constructive grammatical critique. Thank you, Mary!

Adjournment at 8:14 PM